The following is a conversation with Greta Foster, also known as Vixen Heroine Hammish. She is the author of If You Can Pray, You Can Feng Shui, and part of the National Organization for Fengshui. Before this conversation, I associated the words Feng Shui with the furniture placement in your home. Greta showed me that there is much more depth to the philosophy and that in the deep flow of water and wind, where change is constant, one can harness the power of our surroundings by surrendering to them. After our conversation, I felt a new sense of grounding in my meditation practice. Also, I learned of a light therapy called Ajna, which can induce DMT-like experiences.. she sparked my interest there. I’m probably going to have to get one and try it out now! In the episode description, I provided links to all of her work. Check her out! If you enjoy this thing subscribe on youtube, follow on apple podcasts, or spotify, support on patreon, and connect with me on twitter @remington4real with the number 4, on instagram @therealremington.

Ajna Light on Lambda frequency - Psychospiritual event similar to DMT


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