Ep.31| Aryeh Green

Every now and then we meet people who are simply interesting. Everything they’ve done has brought them into contact with the most interesting people in the most interesting times. I have the great pleasure of introducing you to just this kind of person.. Ayreh Green who has a fascinating personal history, being the descendant of one of the first Jewish families in America, who arrived in America in 1690, went on to be a successful high tech business executive for more than 25 years, made Aliyah some 30 years ago and became a major diplomatic figure in the State of Isreal, serving as a policy advisor for Natan Sharansky for 10 years becoming an expert in middle-east affairs, personally involved in meetings with top Palestinian Arab activist and becoming a leading advocate for freedom and democracy which he speaks professionally about on college campuses and in communities everywhere. He wrote a gripping account of a 600-mile hike along Israel’s national trail Shvil Yisra'el, begging at Dan near the northern Lebanese border traveling all the way south to Eilat. The book is entitled “My Israel Trail” Finding peace in the promised land, and in some ways, Ayreh’s description of the very difficult, sometimes harrowing journey through the land of Israel is a metaphor for what it means to overcome personal challenges as one lives one’s life in this complicated and often difficult world.









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