Ep.41 | John Giordano

John Giordano, who himself is in long-term recovery, is an addiction expert whose career spans over thirty years. John’s passion for helping people shined through early on in life in his role as a Karate instructor – and continued later as he helped literally thousands of addicts find their path of recovery at his former treatment center.


He is considered by his peers to be a pioneer in holistic addiction treatment. John developed innovative new therapies early in his career that have been proven effective and gone on to become standard care in most modern treatment centers. He continues to play a pivotal role in the ongoing effort to usher evidenced-based and scientifically proven holistic modalities into the mainstream of addiction medicine.

His Socials:





His Books:

The Kid from the south Bronx who never gave up!


How to Beat Your Addictions and Live a Quality Life

Proven holistic treatment for Addiction & chronic relapse


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