Let’s talk about Moving to Germany some more, someone reached out to me on Instagram, your know who you are, and I thought I work through some hurdles...View Details

Ep.24 | The God Game

Remington and Eric went through “The God Game” by Mike Hockney.. at least the first part of the first chapter.. then it got weird. We played around wi...View Details

Hello, Remington here. I was quite introspective in this episode. I reminisced on the moment I met my wife, and how I very nearly missed my chance for...View Details

“it's really important that we emphasize that this conversation, even though it brushes up against topics like improved viral immunity, is not meant t...View Details

Today we started with the last two sections of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop. We recapped 2020 and looked ahead to 2021 to get a feel for ...View Details

thank you to followers and listeners on the audio version, if you're pickin up what were puttin down leave a 5-star review.. We are officially an Aff...View Details

Ep.19 | Back to the roots

Mornings: Empty Stomach  D-Asparaginnsäure bis 3g | D-Asparagine or DAA 3gCoffee with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Mix added https://iherb.co/DhK6cCm Mornin...View Details

Facebook Group Chat: https://www.facebook.com/groups/expatsingermanygroup/permalink/3833644246680682/?comment_id=3833734483338325&reply_comment_...View Details

What Can I do? The Circles of Concern and Influence https://www.abrahampc.com/blog/2020/3/16/what-can-i-do-the-circles-of-concern-and-influence The De...View Details

Circles of influence with sharpie and white paper. spacex can rocket: https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/12/starship-rises-high-performs-a-flawless-...View Details

Ep.15 | Out to Sea

Remington’s Dad showed up on our stream to share his recent adventure in the Gulf of Mexico. It was a close call for sure… and we learned that sailing...View Details

After getting caught up in a rabbithole which Remington followed for around two days he discoved that this man is a complete FRAUD. So we looked up th...View Details

Remington talked shared his morning ritual which consists mainly of taking vitamins. He went through all the vitamins he takes and why? Remington hat...View Details

We went on a deep dive into the differences between American and German culture and our friend https://www.twitch.tv/oxydoxytv joined in the chat. Ox...View Details

Paul Snowden was in the Studio today to share his story. He came to Germany from New Zealand at the age of 19 right before the fall of the Berlin Wall...View Details

Ep.10 | Marc Snow 8

Marc and I sit down with Tristan at the beginning and move on to the German version of Chipotle. https://linktr.ee/therealremington

Ep.9 | Marc Snow 7

Marc and I getting steamy, talking about naked beaches in Germany and more. Enjoy

Ep.8 | Marc Snow 6

Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Expats in Germany. Marc and I hit all the topics that are moving us these days. Love is stronger than Hat...View Details

Ep.7 | Marc Snow 5

Marc and I sat down to talk about current events, living in Germany and of course about our two favourite super heroes Joe Rogan and Elon Musk!

Ep.6 | Marc Snow 4

Marc and I sat down the day before “Herrentag” and “Himmelfahrt”. In Germany it means “Day of the Men” and “Day of Ascension”. We did some good old fa...View Details

Ep.5 | Marc Snow 3

Marc and Remington are fleshing out an idea for a new show and discussing current events. Elon Musk’s new Son’s name, Tesla, sharing old Jerry Stiller...View Details

Ep.4 | Marc Snow 2

Marc was back in the Studio to talk during these strange times. Enjoy! Auf Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/de/podcast/the-real-remington-sh...View Details

Ep.3 | Marc Snow

Marc Snow is a fellow American living in the Province of Pasewalk. We met through our wives who are both from Pasewalk. It was nice to speak english a...View Details

Ep.2 | Residence Permit

In this episode Remington talks about two types of Residence Permits you can apply for when in Germany. He explains in short details what steps you ne...View Details

Ep.1 | Moving to Germany

Hello Friends, my name is Remington and today I want to share with you the story of me making the move from the United States to Germany. There have b...View Details

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